Changing Minds, Changing Lives

In November of 2018 Dance 4 Hope arranged a dance class for 50 immigrant refugee children that are federally detained in NY Tri-state area . It was an incredible experience to witness these children at The Alvin Ailey dance studios in NYC. We were in a studio on the 6th floor overlooking the whole skyline. It was thrilling to see all the kids run into the studio and just stand by the big windows in the studio admiring the skyline. I'm sure most of them have never even been that high before. It took a little time for all the children to really start moving, but I would say that once the nerves subsided they really started getting into it. I (Hope Easterbrook) was joined by Yancy Green as my assistant who assisted me during the class. After we wrapped up the class we gave them a little performance we had worked on. They loved it! I opened up a dialogue with them, everything being translated, about what they "Dance 4"? Most of them said "Mi familia" which made me almost break out in to tears. I know personally I dance everyday for my family in their memory. These children have been dealt such an awful hand at life. To know that we can bring joy with dance to children that don't have the comfort of their families around was pretty overwhelming. I can't wait to continue this imperative work in the future.

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Hope Easterbrook