Event at Steps On Broadway

Event at Steps On Broadway

In April 2019 Dance 4 Hope had a dance workshop held at Stpes on Broadway where we had 30 immigrant refugee children federally detained come dance with us!

We believe there is something truly poetic about this specific group of children getting the opportunity to be free and moving. Dance 4 Hope allows them a space to express themselves when otherwise they would not have the opportunity to do so with their current situation.

This is why we need YOUR help to continue this imperative work.

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In november 2018 we had our first KICK-STARTER dance workshop that serviced 50 immigrant refugee children. these children came from 3 different shelters from around the tri-state area.

The children arrived at the Ailey dance studios with awe in their eyes as they were seeing the NYC skyline out the windows from the 6th floor. With such a beautiful backdrop to our event we danced for hours and the children were able to truly open up and express themselves in ways the staff of the shelters had never seen before.


DISCLAIMER: Due to Federal regulation we are unable to use or take any photos of the immigrant and refugee children we work with. Your donations help give them a platform to make their stories heard and gives them hope!