Hope Easterbrook

My name is Hope Easterbrook and I created this company out of my pure love and admiration for both dance and children. I have had the great fortune of fulfilling my dream of performing on Broadway as the first replacement to the original cast in Hamilton. But it wasn't till after my journey on broadway did I discover that my true passion is teaching. I recently traveled to Rwanda with another non profit that uses a specific dance curriculum to develop cognitive skills and social emotional learning for at-risk youth. After returning home to the US from my trip I found a great need to help children here that might be struggling adapting to society, or similar adversity. I was immediately drawn to the refugee children that have been separated from their families and are living in NYC. Dance 4 Hope will allow these children a safe space to express themselves through art and learn tools to help them with their social and emotional challenges, therefore preparing them for success in the future.